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10w UV Laser Marking Machine

  The 10w uv laser marking machine is the latest product developed by Otlaser- China laser engraving equipment manufacturer,which has so many advantages,such as,high photoelectric conversion efficiency and long life. low power consumption, suitable for marking a variety of non-metallic and metal materials, especially for high precision applications.

  The features of the UV laser:

  Adopt high precision 355nm UV laser;

  Laser beam mode, short pulse width, high peak power, high repetition rate;

  Air-cooled water cooling, small size;

  Excellent performance, good stability, high conversion rate and low energy consumption.

10w uv laser marking machine
  Low energy consumption and easy maintenance

  Compared with traditional laser marking machines, UV marking machines can reduce energy consumption by 75%; LD has more than 10,000 hours, which greatly reduces uv laser marking equipment maintenance.

  Advanced hardware control and intelligent software

  Windows XP system, powerful and easy marking software;
10w uv laser marking machine

  High precision marking quality

  A lot of optimized processing have been used to ensure beam quality is the fundamental mode (TEM00) and M2 < 1.2.

  Narrow pulse width, the laser and the marking material have a short processing time and a small heat influence;

10w uv laser marking machine
  High pulse stability,the laser pulse has good consistency. The energy of the previous and the latter pulse are the same,which is very suitable for high precision marking.

  High frequency pulse repetition,the number of laser pulses generated per second is large, can get faster the marking speed,the higher production speed.

10w uv laser marking machine
  Small size

  Using high-precision semiconductor cooling, the UV laser marking machine is small, nearly 50% smaller than the traditional machine.

  High reliability, high stability, high security

  Compared with other UV lasers, our UV laser has high reliability and reduces the fluctuations of output power.

  OTLASER has strong R & D strength, we have a variety of power UV laser marking machine, exported to the world, such as 3w uv laser marking machine, 5w UV laser marking machine, welcome to consult.
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