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130w CO2 Laser Engraving Machine

  130w CO2 laser engraving machine adopts imported CO2 RF tube laser, motor, advanced software and control system with high speed, high precision, and stable and reliable machine.OTLASER CO2 laser engraver adopts enclosed optical path,imported CO2 RF laser, and strict multiple protection control design to ensure the high stability. which is widely used in leather,wood, craft gifts,clothing, packaging industry.

  1, 130W laser engraving machine is suitable for length material process.

130w laser engraving machine
  2, Imported lens and  mirrors with good ability of reflection and focusing

  3, Red light position system with high precision.

130w laser engraver
  4, RED /LEETRO control,user-friendly design

130w laser engraving machine control panel
  5, Import guide rail with high precision.

  6, Honeycomb and blade material worktable

130w laser engraving machine parts
  7, computer and USB both control system

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