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3D Laser Engraving Machine For Sale

  The mouse has become an indispensable item in lives and work. Nowadays, mouse designs more and more focus on ergonomics, and creative custom processing on the mouse surface. Using advanced 3D laser marking machine can engrave a beautiful personalized pattern on the special mouse casing, depending on the built-in LED lights of the mouse to reflect the unpredictable, colorful pattern.

3d laser marking pattern

  With the development of the industry, the traditional laser marking machine is difficult to meet the needs of curved surface processing, and the 3D laser marking machine can do well. 3D laser marking machine can achieve marking on curved workpieces more accurately, without defocusing, even if complex surfaces. Through the self-developed 3D dynamic laser marking control hardware and software with special three-dimensional galvanometer can mark on any three-dimensional surface,realize the customized processing of various curved materials including the mouse.

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3D laser marking

        High electro-optic conversion efficiency, long life and easy maintenance;

  With friendly operation interface, it is suit for many file formats, such as dxf, plt, cnc, step, iges, etc;

  High precision of 3D positioning technology, high-speed focusing and scanning system, short pulse, high-peak power and HPRF (High Pulse Repetition Frequency);

  Fast marking speed and high processing efficiency.
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