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CO2 Laser Cutting and Engraving machine 80w 500 x 700mm

  80w 500x700mm CO2 laser cutting machines is non-metallic laser cutting machines,the energy conversion efficiency of the laser is as high as 25%, the laser with high power output has a wavelength of 10.6 micrometers.
  CO2 laser cutting machines is suitable for the thickness of stainless steel less than three millimeters and the thickness of non-metallic materials less than twenty millimeters appliacation, such as advertising and decoration industry.
  OTLASER is the best CO2 Laser Cutting Machine 500X700MM 80W supplier
  80w co2 laser cutter product features
  Unique engraving motion system with efficiency work.
  High quality & frequency laser beam, spot diameter<0.2mm
  Adjust optical path.
  Suitable for engraving nonmetals and painted metals.
  Max Engraving Speed 1200mm/s.
  Metal RF laser tube, long lifespan.
80W laser engraver

80W laser engraver Acrylic

80W wood laser engraver

80W laser engraver for leather

80W laser engraving for glass

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