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Shenzhen OTLASER Co.,Ltd is one of the largest laser marking equipment manufacturers in China. we are a national key high-tech enterprise,undertakes national key projects and scientific research projects.

We always have been committed to providing broad and comprehensive laser manufacturing solutions in industrial manufacturing field, researching, manufacturing and selling various laser marking,laser engraving,laser cutting and laser welding machining equipments, which are used widely in metallurgy, non-ferrous metals, automobiles, parts, aviation, military, precision instruments, machine manufacturing, hardware, integrated circuits, semiconductor manufacturing, solar, education, communication and measurement, packaging, leathers, plastics, rubbers, jewelries, crafts, medical equipments, etc.

laser machine factory


Self-innovation is the inexhaustible motive force for our development. Depending on profound deposit and rich experience of laser key technology, researching and manufacturing more than 10 years,we has created a series of “Good” for energy photoelectron industry in China.


“Customer First” and “Market Orientation”,we have more than 40% market sales and service personnel. At present, we have established a perfect market service system. More than 40 domestic offices are distributed in main center cities, so as to get close to the users and extend the services.


laser machine factory

At present,we have more than 300 staffs, 30% of them own doctor or mater degrees,we have established close cooperative relationship with famous research organizations in the United States, Germany and other countries.


With the development of international market, the small and medium power laser equipments (such as laser marking machine, welding machine and cutting machine), laser welding machine, CNC laser cutting series have become hot-selling products in international markets.

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