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Auto Car Laser Marking Equipment

  As a well-known laser marking equipment manufacturer in China, OTLAER has long focused on laser marking, cutting, welding in the automotive industry,and launched a series of equipment for the automotive industry.

  The application of laser marking in the automotive industry mainly includes marking QR code,logos, patterns and warning signs,3C certification of automobile glass, production date ,serial number and light-transmissive buttons, etc.

auto laser marking machine

  Automotive laser marking  machine features:

  Professional international high-quality laser light source;

  Fast speed and  high efficiency,maximum profit is realized for the customer;

  Long life, stable laser output power, high reliability,stable operation for 24 hours,maintenance-free for 100,000 hours;

  Electro-optical conversion rate is high, no power coupling loss, no consumables.

  1, laser marking on car label and nameplate:

  2, laser marking on car glass

laser marking on car glass

  3, laser marking on wheel of the car

laser marking on car wheel

  4, laser marking on auto parts

laser marking on car parts

  Tips:laser marking advantages

  As a well-known laser equipment manufacturer in China,laser marking in the automotive industry, from body frame, wheel tires, various hardware components, seat control, steering wheel dashboard, glass, interior, lighting to supporting vehicles Oil products, accessories, etc., OT laser provide professional solutions,Fiber series, UV series, green light series, CO2 series and other laser equipment!
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