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Automotive Accessories Laser Marking Machine

  If you are car owners,maybe buy a variety of accessories in the car. The car accessories engraving by the laser marking machine have been loved  because of the pattern full of fashionable personality.
  Laser marking machine is widely used in semiconductor integrated circuits, food and beverage, jewelry and handicraft industries and household industries.
auto accessories laser engraving

  Automotive accessories laser marking machine characteristics:
  1. The appearance is small and stylish;
  2, High resolution: the resolution is 3 times compared to the traditional marking machine;
  3, Low energy consumption: 1/10 of the traditional marking machine;
  4, Fast: 3-5 times of standard marking machine;
  5, Stability: the more stable and maintenance-free;
  6, Long  life: 3 times the traditional marking machine.
auto accessories laser engraving

  Automotive accessories laser marking equipment advantages:
  1, computer drawing, typesetting, scientific, the serial number is completely auto-coded.
  2. Fast speed, good quality and sav time, increasing the economic benefits of enterprises.
  3, The marked marking has high precision, beautiful,fine, beautiful and strong appreciation.
  4. Strong  reliability.
  laser  engraving  equipment can apply mark pattern, text, barcode, serial number on metal and plastic products.
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