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Battery Laser Marking|Laser Engraving Machine For Batteries

  Nowadays, batteries are everywhere in our life, the application of batteries is increasing and a large number of counterfeit and shoddy batteries are also flooding into the market, customers who do not distinguish between real brand.The fake battery is short life and low and unstable voltage, affecting normal use,the circuit of the electrical are often damaged by the leakage of the chemical electrolyte of the counterfeit battery; more,counterfeit battery may cause explosion occurs during the charging process; from this point of view, the quality of battery can directly affect the use and safety of "home appliances". Therefore,you should have the ability to identify the realiable battery,when you buy a battery;
battery laser marking

  How do you indentify fake and shoddy batteries?
  The fake and shoddy battery outer packaging is very similar to the realiable battery.In fact, most battery manufacturers use laser marking machines to mark batteries now, laser marking machine use high-energy-density lasers to partially illuminate the packaging and engrave the production date,batch number on the packaging, leav a permanent markers,consumers pay attention to the marking information on the battery and can easily identify the realiable battery,because of fake and shoddy batteries can not imitate and change the information!
battery laser marking

  The advantages of OT Battery Laser marking machine:
  1, Reduce production costs and consumables,increase production efficiency;
  2, Permanent marking, good anti-counterfeiting effect;
  3, Add additional values,enhance the visibility of product brands;
  4, Stable and reliable performance,continuously work for 24 hours,maintenance-free more than 20,000 hours. Wide temperature range (5 °C - 45 °C);
  5, No chemical harmful substances,environmentally friendly
  6, High precision,high accurate;
battery laser marking machine

  Battery marked with laser marking machine
  OTLASER is a professional laser marking equipment manufacturer,which is dedicated to research and sale laser industry machine,we have a lot of technology and experience in laser marking of different materials.
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