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OTLASER is recognized as China Laser System Core Manufacturer

  OTLASER was recognized as China laser system core supplier,OTLASER has 14 years of R&D experience, with a factory area of ​​nearly 3,000 square meters. The technical department has more than 100 senior staff members,367 patents;Now it has realized two core technologies: laser cutting system and laser marking system.
  Nowadays, OTLASER has a complete product line, including:fiber laser series, co2 fiber laser series, uv laser series, 3d laser series and 10000W, 12000W, 15000W, high power laser cutting machine etc. The high power fiber laser cutting machine is one of the best laser manufacturers in China. These products have not only been recognized by China, but also exported to more than 30 countries and regions.
  OTLASER has fully automatic chip packaging and automated patch technology, and has realized the self-production of dozens of core optical components such as, pump source, QBH, collimator, combiner, isolator, acousto-optic modulator, etc. The 10,000w energy combiner and the 10,000w QBH output head have been successfully developed, and the performance of core equipment has reached the world's leading level.
  OTLASER fiber laser cutting machine  not only to reduce the cost, but also it can control the laser product quality and development progress at the source, so that provide customers with better services.
  This time, OTLASER is recognized as "China laser system core supplier",which is a full affirmation of the OTLASER research and development capabilities, technological innovation  and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements by government. In the future, OTLASER will continue to increase investment and support for technological innovation. To enhance the core brands and technology, and make OTLASER became "world-class laser system manufacturer"!
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