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Burr-free Metal Laser Cutting

  Sheet metal laser cutting machine have been popular in metal cutting industry,laser cutter has quite high work efficiency and save cost advantages, which have become the best choice for sheet metal processing. However,beginner customers use the metal laser cutting machine to cut the workpiece,which will burr,if you think that the quality of the laser cutting machine is bad, in fact,misunderstanding.

  In the process of sheet metal cutting, the gas purity and parameter setting of laser cutter will affect the workpiece quality, if you are right to set gas and parameters of laser cutting equipment, the workpiece will be free of burrs.

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  How is the burr generated?

  Workpiece burrs are excessive residue on the surface of metal materials. When cutting the workpiece:

  1,gas is key point

  The gas is used to blows off the surface of the workpiece,If the gas is not used, the cooled slag will formed burr on the workpiece surface. so you need high purity of the gas;

  2,The parameter of equipment is another key point

  when you purchases the laser cutting machine, you must debug the equipment to archive best status,such as: cutting parameters,cutting speed of the pneumatic flow focal length etc;

  If workpiece has a burr,which will be qualitatively defective,more burrs, the lower quality;

  Workpiece burrs solutions:

  1. Deviation of the upper and lower positions of the focus beam

  Solution: Adjust the position of the focus according to the offset position.

  2. Too slow cutting speed of the cutting machine.

  Solution: Adjust the wire cutting speed.

  3. The instability because of working too long.

  Solution: Turn off for a while to restart

  4. Not enough output power of the laser cutting machine

  Solution: Check if the laser cutting machine is working properly. If it is not good,timely repair and maintenance,in contrast,check if the output value is correct.

  5. The addition of laser beam is offset.

  Solution: Debug the focus and make adjustments

  6. Not enough purity of the gas of the cutting machine

  Solution: Change the gas.

  The laser cutting machine is a high precision machine,Sporadic data error will cause no abnormal work,so it is important to right work and reduce errors.

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