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Laser Marking for Carton Packaging Machine

  The wavelength of CO2 laser marking machine is ideal for marking carton packaging,because CO2 laser marking machine has a wavelength that just bleaches the pigment and leaves a clear white marking on the carton packaging. The CO2 laser marking machine can reach high power,such as 50w, 200w etc, so which can fast speed mark ID information or production date on the carton.

  Compared to traditional inkjet and adhesive labeling methods,laser marking machines have many advantages, unlike the self-adhesive label, the logo of laser marking is permanent, not easy to wipe off, no any consumables, no maintenance, more cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

laser marking for carton

  Advantages of CO2 laser marking machine:

  1,The CO2 laser marking machine has widely used in non-metals,you can mark a variety of patterns and text, such as company logo, barcode, production date, area code and so on.

  2,In the past, ink jet printers were marked with a lighter mark, which can be erased by simply rubbing alcohol with a cotton cloth. The markings of CO2 laser engraving machine are durable and permanent,because it causes the surface material to evaporate and vaporize, revealing deep substances.

laser marking for carton

  Our CO2 laser marking machine features:

  Integrate with advanced galvanometer laser marking technology and imported RF excited sealed CO2 laser machine, the laser marking machine has flexible structure, fast speed, high security, high efficiency, high electro-optic conversion efficiency, etc.

laser marking for carton machine

  Won’t produce any chemical substances that harmful to human body and environment.

  Long Service Life

  Over 40,000 hours long lifespan, operated in 24 hours, suitable for mass production.

  Easy Operation

  Powerful marking software, friendly man-machine dialogue interface

  Precision Marking Effect

  With imported RF excited sealed CO2 laser, it has stable performance, high repeat accuracy and position accuracy, 100% positive feedback.
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