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Ceramics Laser Marking|Laser Engraving of Ceramics

  With the improvement of living standards, people's quality requirements for life are getting higher and higher,also like to pursuit individualization text and pattern,laser marking with high efficiency and good effect provide a good choice for marking ceramic sanitary ware, ceramic handicrafts, ceramic tableware and other products.

ceramics laser marking

  Color laser marking on bathroom ceramics

  Since the laser will be diffusely reflected on the ceramic (near total reflection), so the absorption of laser by the ceramic is very poor. How can the ceramic absorb the laser to mark color text or pattern? The solution is to paint a layer of ceramic coating on the ceramic. The color marking on the ceramic is the result of the interaction between the high-energy laser beam and the ceramic surface. When the temperature reaches 800 °C, the color laser ceramic toner is emitted and penetrate into the ceramic glaze to achieve color marking. At present, two methods: laser coating and laser decal. The laser coating is colored powder,process flow: stir the powder with water and evenly spread it on the ceramic surface, after the coating is dry to start laser marking.Compared with the laser coating,the laser decal is simple and convenient,process flow: soak the laser paper in water and put it attache to the ceramic surface,the laser marking is done after about 5 minutes.

ceramics laser marking

  Characteristics of laser marking on ceramics

  1,computer graphics, you can make a variety of text and graphics.

  2,permanent marking, beautiful, precise, non-polluting, low cost,adding value,high effectively.

ceramics laser marking

  The ceramic of sanitary ware industry has a wide variety of types and shapes, portable laser marking machines have excellent beam quality and are suitable for this environments,Welcome to consult OT laser marking machine, we have rich experience in ceramics of laser marking industry.
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