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Daily Cosmetics Packaging Laser Marking Machine

  With the improvement of living standards, people are more paying attention to skin care,so skin care products have become the mainstream daily chemical product,however,from the international daily chemical giant brand to samll new brand, how to improve anti-counterfeiting measure is important issue.laser marking are widely used in a variety of daily chemical production, including bottle packaging, glass packaging, carton packaging, etc., from primary packaging to batch packaging,marking production date, expiration date, batch number,identifiable barcode and two-dimensional code,which can meet the traceable requirements and play the role of anti-counterfeiting.
cosmetics packing laser marking

  Packaging laser marking material and applications
  Cosmetic packaging materials: plastic bottles, glass bottles, hoses, vacuum bottles,color box,paper packaging, plastic packaging, glass packaging, metal packaging.
cosmetics packing laser marking

  Online laser marking machine specification:
  1. High-performance CO2 laser marking machine,good beam quality,good light-emitting mode,and stable optical power.
  2. Small spot size, high marking precision, stable and reliable spot, fast speed, low power consumption and low marking cost.
  3, Powerful marking software, directly use SHX, TTF font; support automatic coding, marking serial number, batch number, date, barcode, QR code and so on.
cosmetics packing laser marking machine

  Daily necessities cosmetics packaging laser marking machine are suitable for all non-metal materials, which have advantages:low cost of consumables, stable performance, powerful software,long life,low failure rate, stable and reliable and can meet the continuous 24 hours of full load operation. welcome to consult us to provide daily necessities cosmetics packaging laser marking solutions.
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