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Data Line Laser Marking

  Mobile phone data lines are generally used to connect the computer and mobile phone, its joint site is generally the widest reach about 1.5cm, diameter less than 5mm.

data line laser marking

  1, if the lettering on the data line, the first engraved words is very small, but also to take into account the data line material problems.The inside line is generally thin copper wire, outside is PVC series plastic material, interface is hardened plastic, interface needle there is generally gold-plated.

data line laser marking

  2, if the quality is close to the tin or silver plated.If we are in the data line of PVC series of plastic material layer lettering, you need to choose a very low power laser marker, because the PVC material melting point is low.

data line laser marking

  3, if the power is high and easy to burn.Combining these characteristics of the data line, we recommend that the data line engraving font should be used in ultraviolet laser marking machine.

data line laser marking

  UV laser equipment Because the power is very small (1.5w, 3w, 5w, 10w), so it is very suitable for processing small data lines, and its small spot, the thermal effect of PVC material is negligible, will not make the data line deformation, soft, this is also very consistent.

data line laser marking
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