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Diamond Laser Engraving Cutting Machine

  There are about 30 countries with diamond processing industries, India, Belgium, South Africa, the United States and Israel etc. China and Thailand have also gradually developed into diamond processing centers. India is the world's largest diamond processing center, and about 85-90% diamonds are processed in Surat.

  Surat is known for various factories with many high-tech machines. Indian diamond manufacturers are always eager to introduce the latest technology into their factories, upgrade manufacturing processes and train workers to overbear competitor.

  Although Surat is the largest diamond processing centers, but the diamonds engraver is mainly imported from other countries. China is one of the diamond laser engraving equipment countries. Due to the competitive price of these equipments and simple operation, it is welcomed by Indian customers! The laser engraving equipment produced by OTLASER, China laser engraving equipment manufacturer, has many advantages.

laser engraving diamond

  How much is the diamond laser engraving equipment?

  Diamond laser engraving machine is generally $35,000 and $145,000, with the development of technology, advanced laser engraving cutting equipment has replaced traditional equipment. OTLASER's latest generation of laser engraving and cutting equipment has more accurate and efficient advantage.

  OTLASER  fiber laser marking machine with a beam quality M2 < 1.1, pulse width < 5 ns and  wavelength of 1064 nm.

  1, achieve complete air cooling, low heat loss, no separate cooling system;

  2, small size, compact structure, easy to carry;

  3, stable performance,low power consumption.

  4, good beam quality,high stability output laser, the marking effect is easy to debug;

  5, small output laser spot, thinner marking line, and it is  suitable for the marking of some finer graphics;

  Compared with the traditional diamond processing methods, the laser engraving machine has fast marking speed,engraving any characters and patterns,clear and beautiful writing, no influence on the gloss and purity of the diamond, and safety,no pollution, simple and low cost have been widely used in the diamond jewelry industry.

  OTLASER laser engraving machine are also ideal for permanent wear-resistant markings on precious  jewellery surfaces such as rings and necklaces. In addition, laser engraving equipment can achieve a variety of markings on the surface of materials such as copper, laser marking stainless steel, silver, laser marking gold, platinum and titanium.
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