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Difference Between Laser Marking and Engraving

  Laser marking machine can be divided into UV laser marking machine,fiber laser marking machine and CO2 laser marking machine etc.Laser marking use a laser beam to expose the evaporation of surface substances to reveal deep substances,or to cause physical changes in the chemical changes of the surface substances to engrave traces,or burn off some substances by light energy to mark patterns and texts.

  The laser engraving machine is a equipment that uses laser to engrave materials,The laser engraving machine is different from the mechanical engraving machine and other traditional hand engraving methods.The mechanical engraving machine uses CNC machines,such as high-hard diamonds and other extremely hard materials to engrave other things with lower hardness.The working principle is very simple,just like printing on paper with a computer and printer.You can use all kinds of graphics processing software,such as CorelDraw,Scanned graphics,vectorized graphics and various CAD files can be easily"printed"into the engraving machine,laser engraving can widely engrave this materials such as wood,acrylic,plastic,metal,and stone.

laser engraving sample

  What is the difference between laser marking and engraving?

  1,Speed:The speed of the laser marking machine is very fast,up to 8000mm/s,but the speed of laser engraving is very slow,less than 1000mm/s;

  2,Depth:The laser marking machine only marks the surface of the material,the depth is very shallow,the depth is less than 0.5mm,but the depth of the 20w laser engraving machine can be taught deep,ranging from 0.1mm to 100mm;

  3,Laser:The optical path system of the laser engraving machine is composed of three reflective lenses and a focusing mirror.The laser is generally a CO2 glass tube.Glass tube lasers typically have a lifetime of less than 2000-10,000 hours.The lasers of laser marking machines are generally metal tube lasers(non-metal marking machines)and YAG solid-state lasers(metal laser marking machines),and lifetimes are generally more than five years.The metal tube of the laser marking machine can be inflated again and recycled.The semiconductor module can be replaced after the life of the solid laser is reached.

  4,Processing area:The laser marking machine has a small processing area,and its maximum format is 170mm*170mm for the fiber laser marking machine.The area of​​the laser engraving machine can reach 2m*2m,and the format is very large.

  Above is the difference between laser marking and engraving,Otlaser laser marking machine supplier believe that you will be able to distinguish the use of different products.
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