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What is the difference power between UV laser marking machine

  Nowadays, there are all kinds of laser marking machines on the market,such as: CO2 laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, UV laser marking machine etc., China top laser marking manufacturer,OTLASER,share the difference between powers of uv laser marking machine:
  UV marking machine is a intelligent marking machine on the market, and the price is more expensive than other ones. The UV laser marking machine can engrave ultra-fine marking because of extremely small focusing spot and processing heat affected zone.which is suitable for customers who have high requirements for marking. Not only good beam quality and smaller focusing spot, but also ultra-fine marking,wider application range,small heat-affected area, no thermal effect. It does not cause material scorch problem,uv laser marking has fast speed,high efficiency,high stable small volume and low power consumption advantages.
  UV laser marking machine is mainly marking some flexible PCB board, FPC board cutting, silicon wafer, LCD liquid crystal glass, metal surface plating marking, plastic buttons, electronic components, gifts, communication equipment, building materials, mobile phone data line and other materials that are particularly sensitive to light.
  uv laser marking machine
  What are the powers of UV laser marking machines?
  Generally, there are 3W, 5W, 10W, and 15W laser power,The higher the power, the higher the price.
  Most of 3-5W UV laser marking is used in precision marking. The larger the power, the wider application. Of course, the higher price. we recommended to use 5W laser marking equipment, which is more extensive than 3W laser marking equipment.the value of the hedge is also larger. The 10-15W laser marking is expensive, mainly used in precision cutting and  punching. There are mainly materials such as FPC, ceramic sheets, glass sheets and other processes that are difficult to cut.
  uv laser marking
  How to choose an ultraviolet laser marking machine
  1. Simple and convenient,clear control key function, the laser is protected from damage.
  2. Need to mark test, the effect is good before you will purchase it.
  3. Whether the laser output power is large enough, whether the energy is stable.
  4. High reliability laser,work continuously in harsh industrial processing environments;
  5. Good beam quality, including mode stability;
  6. Good maintenance, fault diagnosis and chain function, and the downtime should be short;
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