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Eggs Laser Engraving|Laser Marking for Eggs Machine

  Many egg products on the market are marked with special markings on the shell, such as factory logos, production date, bar code,etc,however, egg products can not be under a lot of pressure,it will be crushed eggshell by contact-type marking, also can not use the traditional ink spray code, which will be blurred after being drenched by water,  and the use of ink also has a certain degree of harm.

  Egg marked by laser marking machine is non-toxic, non-polluting, non-contact, will not crush the eggshell.The mark is permanent, clear, washable and resistant to cooking.In recent years, the laser marking has replaced the traditional marking way in many fields.

laser marking for eggs

  Eggs and other egg products are marked by the laser marking machine,all the details on the eggs are in a glance, customers will no longer suffer cheat when they choose eggs, just look at manufacturers brand, batch number, logo and other information,greatly improve the quality and reputation of egg products.

  Let's look at the advantages of CO2 laser marking machine for eggs.

laser marking for eggs

  1, CO2 Laser marking machine can engrave a variety of patterns and text, such as company log, two-dimensional barcode, production date, area code and so on,As long as you can input on the computer, you can mark it out.

  2, The patterns and text are marked on the eggs by CO2 laser marking machine are durable, not easy to smear.

  CO2 laser marking machine has so many advantages,so it is more suitable to use it to mark the eggs.

laser marking for eggs machine
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