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China Flying Laser Marking Machine

  Principle of flying laser marking machine:
  laser marking system combined with the galvanometer scanning and the movement of workpiece on the assembly line is called flying laser marking system.
flying laser marking machine

  Features of flying laser marking machine:
  1. The content of marking cannot be too complicated, otherwise, it will affect the marking speed;
  2. Reduce labor cost,avoid harsh production environments;
  3. Automated production, greatly improved efficiency;
  4. Fast speed,Increase production;
  Flying laser marking machine for materials and industry:
  Medicine flying laser marking,laser marking for food packaging:pharmaceutical factory,milk or food  packaging  factory.
  Tobacco flying laser marking, alcohol industry, mineral water: cigarette batch number, mineral water production date batch number.
  Daily necessities flying laser marking: shampoo batch number etc.
  Wire laser marking, building materials flying laser marking: wire labeling, etc.
flying laser marking

  Flying laser marking machine application
  The conventional laser marking machine can only mark static item, which not only causing waste energy of production, but also adding labor cost;however,flying laser marking machine not only improve industrial production effectively, but also save labor, time and energy.
  Automated assembly line flying laser marking is popular to be used in factories, welcome to consult china laser engraving machine factory to provide flying laser marking solutions.
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