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Food Packaging Laser Marking

  Now in the food processing industry, manufacturers are faced with the issue of how to provide consumers with assured safety food.

Food Packaging Laser Marking

  In the event of food problems, manufacturers will suffer significant losses, brand image damage, and even lead to business closures. If the food traceability system can be introduced, even if the listed food problems, the food manufacturers can quickly find the reason, can only recover part of the problem of food without the need to recover all products, the importance of food traceability is visible. This requires food supervision departments to standardize food manufacturers, in the food packaging labeling a variety of coding a convenient traceability of food quality and other information!Two-dimensional code can be completely information records, supervision and inspection personnel as long as the use of scanning sweep code tools, can easily complete the input and inspection of food information!

Food Packaging Laser Marking

  The traditional processing mode mostly uses the printing code and the ink-jet way carries on the marking information, but as long as the two kinds of marking method using ink, can be altered, unable to guarantee the uniqueness of the marking information, it is easy to cause the marking information is tampered with, in addition to the ink-jet itself some materials are harmful substances, the food itself there are hazards, It can also cause pollution to the environment. Poses a serious threat to consumers ' physical and mental health. Therefore, there are obvious defects in the food packaging by this way.

Food Packaging Laser Marking
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