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The Best Gold Laser Marking Machine

  Laser marking is an extremely complex thermophysical process in which lasers interact with matter. Laser marking is the first practical laser processing  and one of the main application.
  Laser marking parameters include: the energy of the laser pulse, the amount of defocus,the repetition frequency of the pulsed laser, the pulse width,and the nature of the material.
laser marking gold

  OTLASER is the best gold laser marking machine manufacturer
  OTLASER gold laser marking has fast speed, high efficiency, and good economic benefit,which can get a large aspect ratio,suitable for a large number of high-density group hole processing and hard, brittle and soft materials. With the rapid development of modern industry, more and more materials with high hardness and melting point are used, and the traditional processing methods can not meet modern requirements. For example, processing deep holes of several tens of micrometers on red or blue diamond.
  China top gold laser marking machine supplier
  OTLASER gold marking machine has the characteristics of high automation, accurate, high speed, high efficiency, and simple and convenient operation.our Laser cutter is widely used in the marking and engraving for metal and non-metal materials, which can greatly reduce processing time and costs ,improve workpiece quality.
  If laser marking equipped with a microprocessor system, the 3D laser marking machine can complete laser processing of various holes in the plane and group holes.
  Why choose Gold laser marking machine
  Laser marking is not only for marking gold,but also the application  is still expanding, such as marking large-scale integrated circuits, without the use of resists, and simp marking.
  Gold laser marker use laser beam repeatedly irradiated to a fixed point of the workpiece with a certain shape and precision, and there is no relative displacement of the beam and the workpiece in a direction perpendicular to the direction of propagation of the radiation, includes single pulse and multiple pulses. Multi-pulse mode are currently used, which are characterized by minimizing the lateral diffusion of energy on the workpiece and helping to control the size and shape.
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