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Is the High Power Laser Cutter More Better?

  In recent years, laser cutting machines are more and more popular,when customer want to buy laser cutter,in addition to considering cutting equipment technology, speed and after-sales service, The power of laser cutting machine is also quite important,so In fact,many laser cutting machine manufacturers have also developed high power laser cutting equipment, such as,China laser cutting machines manufacturer-OTLASER has developed 10,000-watt laser cutting equipment. However,use 10,000-watt power laser cutter to cut metal sheets is not popular. Developing high power laser cutter is also a demonstration of technical strength.

  The higher power of laser cutting machine is the better? In fact, this idea is very simple. The higher power, the higher cost of laser cutter. Power is one of the main factors to the price of laser cutting machines. High power laser cutting machines need more higher spare parts. It will make the cost of equipment more higher.

  When you want to buy laser cutting system, we should consider it comprehensively. The higher power, the better? Laser cutting machines include low, medium and high power, For cutting thin stainless steel and carbon steel, the low-power fiber laser cutting machine can cut well, which ensures efficiency and saves cost. when buying a laser cutting machine, it must be choosed according to material thickness, etc.

  Of course, if you want to cut thick plates and sheets, the production is very large, buying a high power laser cutting machines is also a better solution. Because the cutting speed can be adjusted, the high-power laser cutting machine can cut the thin plate well.

  If you need a high-power laser cutting machine,



  The power of laser cutting machine is the important factors to consider, but you should choose the right laser cutter.

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