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How Much Does a Stainless Steel Laser Cutting Machine Cost

  How much does a stainless steel laser cutting machine cost? Stainless steel laser cutting machines cost at least $15 thousand, more than a million. As a professional stainless steel laser cutting machine manufacturer, OT LASER has brought large benefits for electric power manufacturing,food machinery,agricultural machinery,automobile manufacturing, engineering machinery,rail transportation,elevator manufacturing,pharmaceutical machinery,aerospace and military, petroleum machinery, metal structures. OT LASER equipment sells all over the world.
  The cost of stainless steel laser cutting machine depends on the stainless steel material to be processed. The power and format of the laser cutting machine to be choosed according to the different thickness and width of the stainless steel. Generally, if you need to cut less than 1mm stainless steel,you can choose 300W-800W laser cutting,more than 5mm need a power of 1000W-3000W, and the higher the power, the more expensive, The larger the size of the stainless steel,the larger power of the laser cutting machine.
  How much does a stainless steel laser cutting machine cost is reasonable? Many manufacturers said that who has lowest price,You may be attracted to this price,The metal material cutting process is much higher on the performance and stability than the non-metallic materials. Choose the cheap configuration with the lowest price, you maybe lose money after using it;
stainless steel laser cutting machine
  Why choose to OT LASER stainless steel laser cutting machine?
  1, professional laser cutting software, with graphic layout and screaming smooth processing function, can achieve high precision cutting;
  2, gantry double drive structure, Germany imported gear rack tradition, improve customer productivity and increase production;
  3, ultra-low operating costs, the laser consumes only 3-4 degrees per hour, can blow air to cut a variety of metal sheets
  4, high-performance cast aluminum beam, after finite element analysis, to achieve high acceleration arc cutting, is its speed and stability again upgrade;
  5, Adopt high-rigidity heavy-duty machine tools to improve the stability of the whole machine and reduce the shock generated during high-speed cutting;
  6, high rigidity reinforced welding bed, imported large gantry finishing milling, secondary annealing, effective elimination of stress;
  How much does a stainless steel laser cutting machine cost? OT LASER stainless steel laser cutting machine has been recognized by thousands of companies and has won long-term cooperation  with hundreds of companies. As a well-known enterprise, we are constantly contributing to the great laser equipment.
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