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How To Improve Cutting Quality Of Laser Cutting Machine

  Fiber laser Cutting Machine cutting quality is the important content of customer concern, but also the process need to keep improving a skill training, if you want to cut a satisfactory sample, it is necessary to scientific use of fiber laser cutting machine. What are the criteria for evaluating the quality of fiber laser cutting machines?How to achieve a high quality cutting method?China laser engraving machine supplier-OTLASER share some advice:

  1, the width of the cut seam size. This factor is related to the thickness of the cutting plate and the size of the nozzle, under normal circumstances, cutting thin plate slit narrow, the selection of the nozzle is small, because the need for less jet, the same, thick plate of the need for more jet, so the nozzle is also large, cutting seam will be correspondingly widened.So to find the appropriate type of nozzle, in order to cut a good product.

  2, cutting the vertical degree is good, the heat affects the area to be small.Cutting edge of the verticality is very important, away from the focus, the laser beam will be divergent, according to the focus of the position, cutting toward the top or bottom of the width, the more vertical edge, the higher the cutting quality.

  3, cutting the cross-section smooth, less texture, no brittle fracture. Fiber laser cutting machine in cutting, the traces of the cut will be in the laser beam deviation after the display, so at the end of the cutting process a little lower rate, you can eliminate the formation of the grain.
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