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Difference Between Infrared Lasers and UV Lasers Marking

  Infrared lasers marking and uv lasers marking are the most widely used lasers. What is the difference between infrared lasers and uv lasers? How to choose the right laser marking machine?

  The infrared YAG laser that a wavelength of 1.06 μm,which is the most widely used for material processing. However, many plastics and  special polymers used as a matrix material for flexible circuit boards cannot be processed by infrared processing.

uv laser marking equipment
  Because "heat" can ause material deformation and damage,when cutting the edge or drill hole may result in structural weakening and parasitic conduction paths, so infrared lasers are not suitable for the processing of some flexible circuits. In addition, the wavelength of the infrared laser cannot be absorbed by copper, which more severely limits its usage.

  The output wavelength of  UV laser is below 0.4 μm, which is the best advantage of processing polymer materials. Unlike infrared processing, UV microprocessing is not heat processing, and most materials absorb UV light more easily than infrared light. High-energy UV laser directly destroy the molecular bonds of many non-metallic materials. this "cold"  process have smooth edges and minimal carbonization.

  Moreover, the ultraviolet short wavelength are superior to the mechanical microprocessing of metals and polymers. It can be focused on points of the order of submicron, so that it can used for the processing of fine parts,high energy density can be obtained, even at low pulse energy levels, material processing can be performed efficiently,it has been quite widely for fine industry:

  1, infrared laser: the material on the surface is heated and vaporized (evaporated) to remove the material, it is usually called hot processing. The YAG laser (wavelength of 1.06 μm) is mainly used.

  2, ultraviolet laser: high-energy ultraviolet directly destroy the molecular bonds on the surface of many non-metallic materials, so that the molecules are separated from the object, this way does not produce high heat,  it is called cold processing, mainly using ultraviolet laser (wavelength is 355nm).

  UV laser marking has an advantage for ultra-fine marking and special material laser marking because the focusing spot is extremely small and the processing heat affected zone is negligible.
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