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Jewelry and Laser Cutting

  Jewelry is the symbol of beauty. It is difficult to accurately verify that when wearing the origin of jewelry, maybe from the beginning of human understanding beauty, we need jewelry...

  Jewelry have many types, including bracelets,necklaces, earrings, sunglasses,rings,brooches and other types of wood,metal,acrylic,leather and other materials. with the technology of laser cutting machine development, we can redefine “beauty”.

  laser cutting for metal jewelry

  The combination of fashion and technology can bring new surprises, and metal laser cutter can engrave fashionable hollow sunglasses.
laser cutting for metal jewelry

  laser cutting for acrylic jewelry

  Acrylics laser cutting machine can cut individualized shapes, engraving complex graphics, making beauty and personality jewelry.
laser cutting for jewelry

  laser cutting for wooden jewelry

  The combination of wood and laser cutting can create thousands of interesting artwork,wooden chains is a unique necklace jewelry.

laser cutting for wooden jewelry

  laser cutting for leather jewelry

  The combination of leather and laser cutter can make various animal images, and completes a series of beautiful jewelry, such as bracelets, necklaces, pins, etc!

laser cutting for leather jewelry

  It is quite important for the smoothness of jewelry,too rough jewelry may cause accidental injury. In addition, laser cutting has many other advantages, high precision and high efficiency laser cutting has gradually become the choice in the jewelry industry.

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