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Large Format Laser Marking Machine

  Large format laser marking equipment can solve large range of marking needs, especially for the consumer electronics industry, commemorative banknotes, molds, PCBs, bathroom and kitchen industry.

large format laser marking machine

  Format laser marking machine features:

  1. Use the original technology to obtain the 400x400mm large marking range and ensure the uniformity of energy distribution within the range.

  2, Use of high-precision digital chip to ensure micron-level ultra-high laser processing positioning accuracy

  3, Laser beam quality is excellent, the focus spot is small, providing fine marking effect

  4, High-performance industrial computer i7 processor +16GB memory.

  5, Three-dimensional optical path correction system to ensure the uniformity of processing.

  6, A wide range of field mirrors, with the design of the light path, can get a smaller spot to ensure the fine marking lines.

  Compared with conventional large format laser marking machines on the market:

  our common large format common standard
Marking range(mm) 400*400 280*280 160*160
Spot size(mm) 0,05 0.08 0.06
Laser beam quality(m2) <1.3 1.5-2.0 1.5-2.0
Positioning accuracy(um) 0.4 6 4
24-hour temperature drift(mm) <0.04 <0.2 <0.08
Optical path adjustment Y N N
Energy Density(mj/mm2) 510 200 357

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