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How to Choose the Right Laser Cutter Nozzle

  The nozzle is one of the most important parts for fiber laser cutting machine. It is located at the bottom of the laser head,laser and high-pressure airflow are emitted through the nozzle, which is related to the cutting quality and service life of the laser cutting equipment. How to choose the right nozzle ?
  Relationship between nozzle and cutting quality
  The quality when the center of the nozzle is different from the center of laser
  1,cutting section,When the not uniform gas is sprayed will cause melting for one side the cutting section and no melting on the other side,when sheet thickness is above 3mm,maybe it can not be cut it.
  2,sharp corner quality,When cutting the work-piece with sharp corner or small angle,  over-melting is likely to occur. When cutting thick plate, maybe it can not be cut it.
  3, perforation,it is instability and not easy to control time when laser perforation,it will cause over-melting for the perforation of thick plate.
  laser cutter nozzle

  How to choose the right nozzle
  Nozzle material
  A good nozzle must have high conductivity and good thermal conductivity. Generally, the nozzle of copper is better than that of brass, which will ensure a good capacitance signal.
  Nozzle accuracy
  A good laser head nozzle has a concentricity of 0.03 mm, high-precision nozzle not only reduces the debugging, but also prevent the high-energy laser from hitting the inner wall of the laser head
  Nozzle surface oxidation treatment
  The smooth surface and good anti-oxidation nozzle can effectively reduce the adhesion of the melt and prolong the service life.
  Nozzle aperture
  The nozzle has a diameter of φ1.0 mm, φ1.5 mm, φ2.0 mm, φ2.5 mm, φ3.0 mm etc,we often use two sizes: φ1.5 mm and φ2 mm.
  1, Thin plate below 3mm: if you useφ2mm, the corners will be easily melted.
  2, Thick plates above 3mm: Due to high power laser cutting, it has relative more longer heat dissipation and cutting time,it is not stable when use φ1.5mm instead of φ2 mm.
  3, φ2.5mm can only be used for thick plate above 10mm.
  When you choose the larger nozzle aperture, the protection to the focusing mirror is worse because of the spark splash of the melt more likely lifted up.
  The center of the nozzle and the center of the laser is one of the important factors that cause laser cutting quality,when the work-piece is more thicker,the factors is more greater. So you should adjust to the center of the laser to get a better cutting quality.
  OTLASER,China top laser cutter manufacturer,our professional experts said that the nozzle should be placed carefully to avoid deformation, the melt stain on the nozzle should be cleaned up in time. If the nozzle cause poor laser cutting quality, you should be replaced it in time.
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