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Laser Cutting and Laser Engraving Paper

  The art of paper-cutting is one of the ancient folk art in China. In order to express the emotions and atmosphere of the festival, the ancient people cut red paper into various patterns and texts,paste them on the walls, doors and lanterns.
  The process of paper-cutting is very long and complex product often takes days or even weeks to make. However, with the development of technology and the maturity of laser engraving and cutting, laser engraving and laser cutter is used for paper-cutting.
paper cutting laser engraving

  Compared to manual work, the laser engraving and cutting machine greatly shortens the production time,while product is as beautiful as the manual.
  What are the materials that can be engraved by the paper-cutting laser engraving and cutting machine?
  Paper-cutting laser engraving and cutting machine generally adopts CO2 laser engraving machine, which mainly engrave non-metallic materials.such as, rice paper, wax paper, raw paper, double-sided red, electro-optical paper, cardboard, copper paper,flannel, non-woven fabric, cotton fabric, chemical fiber fabric, plush fabric, leather, etc.
paper cutting laser engraving

  How does the paper-cutting laser engraving machine work?
  1, The picture is extracted by CorelDraw drawing software, and saved into AI, DXF, PLT, BMP, DST format.
  2, The data is transmitted to the laser engraving machine by computer.
  3, Controls the engraving and cutting  by LCD control panel on the machine.
paper cutting laser engraving

  Paper-cutting laser engraving and cutting machine tips:
  1, Accessorial equipment, such as: high-power fan, blow pump, air blower, industrial chiller shuold be normal operation;
  2, The laser lens should be scrubbed regularly if lens blur will affect the cutting precision;
  3, laser tube, laser lens consumables should be replaced regularly according to the machine's daily working hours.
paper cutting laser engraving
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