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Acrylic Laser Cutting Machine For Crystal Signs

  In the highly competitive advertising industry, crystal sign has become an indispensable tool in the advertising industry by simple, beautiful and effective publicity effect,which is widely used in  store showcases, company logo, signage advertisements, store signs, automobile trademarks and other signs. OT crystal sign laser cutting machine will helpful for the advertising industry.
crystal sign laser cutting

  The crystal sign is a combination of transparent plexiglass (acrylic) and colored organic film with chemical syrup,transparent acrylic and colored organic sheets can be engraved separately, or they can be bonded together with chemical syrup and engrave together.Nowdays,two ways to process crystal characters: traditional die-cutting and acrylic laser cutting.
  1, Traditional processing
  Conventional processing uses molding and mechanical cutting, but these are rough, long production cycle and low accuracy. As people's requirements for precision and types increasing, the traditional methods can not meet the customization needs of crystal signs.
crystal sign laser cutting

  2, Acrylic laser cutting machine
  In recent years, the advertising industry has been subjected to the dual pressure of high individualization and rising material costs,The acrylic laser cutting machine uses the non-contact processing and automatic typesetting to minimize the processing distortion and reduce the material waste. Moreover, the acrylic sign of laser cutting is high precision, no crack-free and smooth.
  In addition, acrylic laser cutting machines can also engrave patterns and shapes that cannot be done by the traditional way. Therefore, laser cutting machines have gradually become more and more popular.
  In order to meet the market demand of the advertising industry, OT laser provide a variety of special acrylic laser cutting machines to support different and high precision requirements,such as,plexiglass, two-color plates and other materials,welcome to consult us!

crystal sign laser cutting machine
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