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China Laser Cutter for Copper,Aluminum

  Copper and aluminum have high reflectivity and the absorption rate,The laser is irradiated onto the copper or aluminum material, and most of the energy is reflected, and the heat is quickly transmitted to the surroundings.so laser cutting copper or aluminum alloy materials is extremely difficult.

absorption comparison chart
  Comparison of laser absorption rates

  From the above figure,we can figure that the copper-aluminum material has a very low laser absorption rate near a wavelength of 10 μm,CO2 laser is not easy to cut such this material.

  The absorption near the wavelengths of 355 nm and 532 nm is very high, but the laser power is low, so that it hard to cutt these materials;

  The wavelength of fiber laser is 1070nm, the absorption of copper and aluminum is higher than CO2 laser, so fiber laser cutter is best choice for laser cutting for copper or aluminum.

  Advantages of laser cutting machine for copper and aluminum alloy

  Thin copper and aluminum alloy materials with the thickness of less than 0.15mm can be galvanometer cutting, and the thickness can be processed by head cutting.

  The Copper aluminum alloy laser cutter was made of the top laser cutting machine supplier-OTLASER
China fiber laser cutter

  1, Fully enclosed optical path, high stability, reducing maintenance time;

  2, Non-contact processing, Good flatness;

  3, Special CNC system, linear motor, fast speed;

  4, High quality and narrow slit;

  5, High precision, the laser cutting equipment adopts high-precision guide rail to ensure the processing precision;

  6, High photoelectric conversion efficiency and low energy consumption.

  OTLASER is China top laser engraving and cutting equipment manufacturer,we can provide mature laser cutting for copper and aluminum alloy solutions, and our metal laser cutting machine can cut all kinds of precision metal sheet metal parts,including copper and aluminum alloys,welcome to inquiry us!
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