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How to Control the Cutting Precision of Metal laser Cutter

  Metal laser cutting machines adopt high power density energy focusing laser to cut all kinds of metal material,which adopts precision ball screw drive mechanism and CNC system to meet the cutting of precision parts,it has stable performance and long time work advantages,so it is very suitable for metal cutting.In order to get good quality work-piece, you should must control the precision of the laser cutting machine,How to control the cutting precision of metal laser cutting machine?
  laser cutting workpiece
  1,Laser melting cutting does not require total vaporization of the metal,only 1/10 of the vaporization cutting energy.
  2,It is generally large vaporization heat for laser vaporized cutting material,so it needs large power and density for laser vaporization cutting.
  3, Laser oxygen cutting generates a large amount of heat, only 1/2 of the melt cutting, it also has much fast cutting speed than the laser vaporization cutting and melting cutting.
  4, laser dicing
  Laser dicing use high energy density laser to scan the surface of the brittle material to get a small groove by heat vaporization , and then do some pressure to make the brittle material to be cracked along the small groove.
  Compared with traditional sheet metal cutting methods, laser cutting has high cutting quality,,narrow width slit, small heat affected zone, smooth , high speed and high flexibility advantages, it has been widely used in the cutting of various metal or non-metal materials.
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