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The laser marking and cutting industry is growing in terms of volumes and fiber laser cutting is becoming more and more popular especially for cutting thin materials in the range of 1mm to 6 mm.


The fiber laser cutting machine makes use of diode and fiber optic cables to focus light and does not need a cutting head like those used in conventional CO2 cutting machines. This makes the fiber laser-cutting machine more efficient and cost effective in the long run.


In this price sensitive industry which has seen buyers who want to shift to fiber based technology from their traditional or Co2 based laser cutters, quality work and time saving are big decisive factors. Fiber laser cutting machines in the range of 2 kw to 4 kw are well suited for cutting mid range materials in 6mm to 8mm thickness range.


Fiber laser cutting machines offer low cost engraving and cutting solutions to the laser machinery sector. Compared to traditional Co2 machines, the electricity consumption is very less hence it is cost effective in the long run. These high technology laser-cutting machines are able to provide an automated, high-speed method for cutting through various surfaces.


Fiber laser cutting technology has found its popularity in cutting thin surfaces and finer work. For this reason, it is also becoming known for its usage in the medical field. With 50% more service life and less operating costs, the fiber laser cutting machines are capable of cutting products in many designs and styles for metals like copper, aluminum and stainless steel offering durability, abrasion-proof, heat-resistant and long-lasting finish.


With the ever-increasing popularity of finely marked and engraved laser products, along with demand for branding, marking, grading of the products, fiber laser cutting is the solution. Any product that needs fine cutting can rely on fiber laser-cutting machines to meet this need.


If you intend to buy China fiber laser cutting machine ,OTLASER  fiber laser cutting machines are available that offer precision and high quality so one can review those as well.


While cutting designs and styles have traditionally been done using mechanical tools, modern day fiber laser cutting machines are becoming popular for work needed on thin surfaces. Fiber laser cutters are fast, can draw fine designs, handle voluminous work with speed and accuracy and less heat emissions. Besides, they are also easy to maintain.


Fiber laser cutting machines can be utilized for marking date, logo, brand, name, letters, surface texturing, part numbering, inlay work etc on various metals including copper and brass. Businesses who intend to cut down their electricity expenses by half can make use of fiber laser cutters instead of conventional ones. These cutters are also twice as fast delivering end products in a reasonable timeframe and saving labour and facility charges to a large extent.


Fiber laser cutting machines cost may range from $500 to $50,000 depending on the usage and warranty being offered. Metal and health industries are witness to high usage of fiber laser cutting machines these days.


Fiber laser cutting machines have allowed designers to use their imagination in new ways and bring their ideas to life. Besides quality and speed, laser-cutting machines have also reduced manual effort and errors in the process. These days many China laser engraver manufacturers are offering automatic loading and unloading of material sheets. Some also allow cutting of double sheets at the same time with automated separators to neatly separate both cut sheets at the end.


Cut your operational costs and minimize back reflection damage with fiber laser cutting machines and also save on power expenses in the long run.


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