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China laser cutter has widely been used for cut metals like gold, silver, platinum and other base materials such as stones, alloys, stainless steel, wood and glass,which offer low cost engraving and cutting solutions to the laser-machining sector especially for wood.


OTLASER new age wood laser cutting machine are able to provide a completely automated, contact less, high speed and permanent method for engraving. All kinds of wood including cherry, alder, hardwood, walnut etc. can be engraved using laser wood cutter in various designs and styles.


With the ever-increasing popularity of uniquely crafted wood cabinet items, photo frames, knife handles, wooden bars, furniture and gift items coupled with demand for engraving logo, brand names, authenticity and purity of the products, wood laser equipment are the demand of the season. Any kind of wood can be modelled to show intricate designs and patterns using wood laser cutting system.


If you are looking for high quality wood laser cutting machine for industry usage, look for industrial grade equipment. These days, large format laser cutting machine are also available that offer high precision and quality work on all kinds of wood in less time.


While engraving designs and styles have traditionally been done using mechanical tools for wood, modern day laser techniques used by wood laser cutting machines are increasingly becoming popular. These laser-engraving machines are allow you to set the depth of the engraving depending on thickness of wooden base, are fast, and capable of making fine designs on regular surfaces and irregular ones as well.


Small laser cutting machines are handy and offer sturdy performance. They are portable and lightweight and hence can be easily be mounted and dismantled. These days, which also offer cutting features are also quite popular.


Laser wood cutting machines cost ranges from $2000 to $55,000 depending on the usage requirement and parts. Heavy duty machines and those with warranty would cost more but are a sensible investment choice.


OTLASER laser cutting machine for wood have allowed designers to be creative. Besides quality and speed of working, which have also reduced manual work involvement and errors in the making process.


Laser cutting machine allows customers to engrave designs of their choice and that flexibility is driving the market demand. With precision, in depth engraving capability and control, it has become the favorite machine for creative artists and designers whose complex and unique designs can now come to life.


Wood Laser engraving machines have made customization possible like never before. Each customer’s design ideas and unique demand can be met with these machines. Besides furniture and gift items, the use of laser engraving on wood and ply allows laser engraving to be used extensively for manufacturing of wooden holders, garden decor and home furnishing accessories as well. This industry is also witnessing customization in designs and incorporation of new ideas.


Bulk wood laser engraving machines might appear to be an expensive purchase, but industries engaged in bulk manufacturing of wooden holders and wood kitchen items benefit from fast and automated engraving feature of laser machines in the long term.


Laser wood cutting equipment have empowered people working in this industry to go beyond the traditional designs and try new techniques to make wood laser engraving affordable, easy, fast and convenient but at the same time allowing unique design and ideas to be engraved in a beautiful and smooth finish with less effort. Wood laser cutter have helped companies produce items faster, more efficiently and fulfil customer demand.


Be it engraving, design, 3D embossing, cutting etc., wood laser cutting machines produced by China laser cutting manufacturer,OTLASER, have proved be to extremely useful for engraving industry.


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