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Semiconductor Laser Marking Machine


Semiconductor Laser Marking Machine



Product Description

Integrated with highly standard configuration, the Semiconductor Laser Marking Machine has precision marking effect, low costs and stable performance. It has passed EU CE Certification, Germany OHSAS18001 Certification and ISO Quality Management Certification. Semiconductor Laser Marking Machine has been sold all over the world.

Semiconductor Laser Marking Machine includes infrared, green and UV series, which is suitable for metal materials and many nonmetals. It is widely used in electronic components, integrated circuits, hardware, auto parts, plastic products and many other fields, especially for high quality laser precision micro-processing.


Low Costs

High electro-optic conversion efficiency, 75% lower energy consumption than traditional lamp pumping marking machine.

High Precision and Excellent Light Mode

Precision marking and 100% positive feedback

Independent Intellectual Property and Patent

Stable performance, high reliability, operated in 24 hours continuously and steadily, suitable for mass production.

Long Life and Easy Maintenance

20 times service life than traditional machine, decrease maintenance greatly.


Auto industry, electronic components, integrated circuits, hardware industry, plastic products, precision apparatuses, crafts, etc.

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