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Laser Engraver Buyers Guide

  Laser engraving can improve the efficiency of engraving, making the surface smooth and round, quickly reducing the temperature of the carved non-metallic materials and the deformation; It can be widely used in the fine engraving of various non-metallic materials. Laser engraving machine can be divided into: non-metal laser engraving machine and metal laser engraving machine.

laser engraver

  With the rapid development of industrial technology, There are a variety of laser equipment on the market, which can be  summarized as the following: laser marking, laser engraving, laser cutting, laser welding,laser demonstration, laser drilling, laser plate making machine, laser medical treatment, laser beauty, laser heat treatment, laser code spraying and so on. They are all the crystallization products of laser technology and software control technology, which have brought vitality to modern industrial civilization.so how to choose the right laser engraver?

  1, Precision.high precision laser engraving machine is favored by people, so laser engraving is greatly different from traditional engraving equipment and manual engraving in engraving precision filed. So buying laser engraving machine must pay attention to the engraving precision of this parameter, the higher the engraving precision, the better the effect;

  2, Process size. According to the actual size of the products to be carved to choose the right laser engraver, for example, you want to carving  size: 130 cm * 90 cm, you can choose sculpture is wide: 130 cm * 250 cm, but you should know that large-format machine doesn't necessarily good, because of large-format equipment not only more expensive, but also is instability;

  3, Industry. Engraving non-metal is the main use of CO2 laser tube, engraving metal is the main use of fiber laser engraving machine.

  4, Good after-sales service. After-sales quality has a important impact on the production efficiency, if the machine was failure, directly caused the production stop, so after-sales service is very important.

  5, Laser tube power. laser tube power  determines the effect of product. however,it is not greater the power of the laser tube, the better. some materials will have a bad effect if the laser tube with a higher power.

  when buying laser engraver,Otlaser laser marking machine supplier provide above laser engraver buyers guide!
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