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Leather Laser Engraving Machine


Leather Laser Engraving Machine



Product Description

leather laser engraving machine will be technology and computer CMA control, Precision Machinery, DSP digital control technology, USB data transmission methods and other High-tech combination, developed a high level of computer laser engraving machine, used in the traditional manual plate-making field, greatly improved the level of rubber production.

laser Engraving machine is small laser engraving machine, a slope function, engraving high precision small laser engraving machine, suitable for cartons, rubber plate, such as laser carving application process.


With the function of sloping engraving to make small letters and bar codes more durable for long-term using, and its precision is fully comparable for traditional flexography printing.

laser rubber engraving machine: high-level computerized laser engraving machine for rubber engraving, widely used in packaging and printing industry.

Good replacement for expensive flexible resin board, which helps to decrease the use-cost greatly and make the packaging and printing company more competitive.


Leather laser engraving machine is widely applied to processing industries of large-scale engraving and cutting, such as clothing, leather, packing, plate making, handicraft, advertisement, decoration, construction and fittings.

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