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Wood Laser Engraving Machine



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The use of international advanced DSP control technology, can be continuous, rapid curve cutting, the shortest path optimization function, greatly improve work efficiency. The engraving process automatic light attenuation compensation, so that different areas to maintain consistent cutting effect, rapid cutting control software design and high-speed movement of the buffer function, can improve production efficiency. Software and AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, such as a variety of graphics processing software seamless docking, direct original output function, suitable for the user's site design requirements. Can be arbitrarily defined carving order, can achieve all or part of the one-time output.The use of USB port data transmission, and equipped with built-in high-capacity storage, greatly improve the speed and efficiency of the work.

Laser engraving machine is a good performance of the handicraft laser engraving machine, its cutting format 600*400mm, currently used for bamboo-tube laser engraving, small crafts laser engraving, DIY laser engraving, wood laser engraving and other applications,It is a rotary laser engraving machine with lifting platform function.


Lifting platform designed specifically for engraving and cutting thicker materials.

Different accessories are available for specific needs, such as aluminum or iron honeycomb platform, metal grid, different spacing blades and suction platform for soft materials.

Optional rotary clamp is especially for rotary engraving on column and cone.


Nonmetallic material like rubber, plastic, acrylic, ceramic, crystal, wood, bamboo, and paper etc.

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