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QR Code Laser Marking Machine Advantages

  QR codes are widely used in our lives,which can store a large amount of information, also be used as a new propaganda and marketing tools,In fact,the printing of the QR code is also very easy by the laser marking machine.

  Advantages of QR code laser marking machine:

  1) Non-contact processing: It can be printed without touching the surface of item, so don't cause item damage.

  2) Wide application: It can be printed on a variety of materials such as metal, plastic, ceramics, etc.

  3) It can be integrated with other equipment on the production line to improve the automation.

QR code laser marking machine
  4) The mark is clear, long-lasting, beautiful and effectively anti-counterfeit;

  5) Long life and no pollution; no waste gas or water.

  6) Low operating cost, fast marking speed, the energy consumption low, and saves a lot of cost.

  7) High processing efficiency: The laser beam under computer control can move at high speed (5-7 m/s), and the marking process can be completed in a few seconds.

  8) Fast development: combination of laser and computer technology, users can realize laser printout by programming on a computer, and can change the print design at any time.

  9) High processing accuracy: The laser can mark on the surface of the material with a very fine beam, and the thinnest line width can reach 0.05mm.  Laser marking can meet the need to print large amounts of data on very small plastic parts.

  10) Low maintenance cost: Laser marking is a non-contact marking. Unlike the stencil marking process, which has a  life limit, the maintenance cost is extremely low.

  11) Environmentally friendly: laser marking is non-contact marking, saving energy, avoiding chemical pollution compared to corrosion marking; it can also reduce noise pollution compared with mechanical marking.
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