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Laser Marking Machine for Agricultural Food

  The quality and safety of agricultural products are related to the health of thousands of households. Building a comprehensive agricultural product traceability system can effectively improve food safety. However, the agricultural product traceability system is a complex and vast project. The first step need to build a unique traceability file for agricultural products,QR code of agricultural product will let you really feel the security guarantee.

  Why  QR code can bring such a security? In fact, the essence of QR code protection is the application of the agricultural product quality and safety traceability system.. After the consumer scans the QR code on the package, You can know which animal, what parts and the growth health status, slaughter time, and transportation information,which can ffectively prevent food safety issues.

laser marking machine for agricultural food
  Therefore,QR code is the basis of the entire agricultural product quality traceability system. How to make a clear and indelible QR code label ? laser marking can solve this problem very well. The laser mark is permanent mark, not easy to change, For example, the combination of laser marking system (marking security code) and telephone query will be higher anti-counterfeiting.

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  online laser marking machine has three series of "fiber", "CO2" and "semiconductor ultraviolet" models, which can meet the needs of any industry. Laser marking equipment can maintain stability under harsh production conditions,engraving various packaging materials.

fiber laser marking machine

  Laser marking machines are widely used in many industries such as food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical and agricultural products. In the agricultural field, it can mark QR code of packaging materials, including cartons, plastic packaging, aerosol cans, etc.

  As a well-known laser engraving machine manufacturer,we have rich industry experience in multiple QR codes. Behind every QR code marked is a health and safety guarantee.we will provide technical support in the construction of a comprehensive and efficient agricultural product quality and safety traceability system.
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