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Laser Marking Machine For Fruit

  British retailer Marks & Spencer has introduced a new laser marking machine to mark avocados, hoping to reduce paper waste. From the use of paper adhesive labels to laser engraving, it is estimated that can reduce 10 tons of label paper and 5 tons of adhesive per year.

laser marking for-fruit

  The laser marking equipment will print the retailer's logo, the best edible date, the country of origin and the cashier code on the surface of the avocado. The laser marked fruit surface only peels off the outermost peel, which is not destructive to the fruit, and the operation can be very precise.

  In recent years, laser marking has  widely used in fruits industry. Some imported fruits or local fruits with good brands, in order to highlight brand will label the surface of the fruit, indicating the brand, origin and other information. The label can be easily torn or falsified. The laser marking can mark on the peel, which not only does not damage the fruit, but also plays an anti-counterfeiting lable

laser marking for-fruit

  Recommended laser marking for fruit: semiconductor ultraviolet laser marking machine

  This equipment is mainly used for printing English, numbers, production batch number, production date, expiration date, LOGO, real-time clock information and anti-counterfeiting etc., to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry GMP and food industry.

laser marking for-fruit

  Laser marking for fruit advantages:

  1,The structure is flexible, the professional bracket can be conveniently installed on the assembly line, and it can be easily adjusted up and down, even if the pipeline with complicated working conditions can handle it freely;

  2,Professional China lasers marking equipment ensure faster marking speed and consistency, guarantee 24 hours continuous stable processing, and can easily adapt to the needs of industrial mass production;

  3,High photoelectric conversion rate, low energy consumption and long life;

  4,Eeasy to use, no need to worry about the frequent changes of operators.

  Laser marking is replacing the original paper label, saving production costs for retailers and suppliers, eliminating the need for paper, ink etc,which has a bright future.
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