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Laser Marking Machine for IC Chips

  There are many IC chips in electronic product,we all hope that there are environmental protection, anti-counterfeiting, permanent marking of important parameters, information on IC chips.so IC chip laser marking machines has a bright future.
  The chip is a circuit to achieve a certain function. On the surface of chip,there are always some patterns and numbers for identification or other functions.It needs to be able to Precision and meticulous laser marking of such small materials.
laser marking for IC chips

  OTLASER the best China laser marking machine factory solutions to mark IC chips :
  1, Design the overall mechanical structure of the IC laser automatic marking system. The structural design adopts modularization and can be reorganized to reduce the cost of replacement and improve efficiency.
  2, Confirm choose the right laser marking machine to meet the requirements of the quality and appearance of the workpiece.
  3, Realize the laser automatic marking precision guarantee of IC chip, based on mechanical positioning, combined with digital image processing card as the core image processing system, multi-axis motion control card controlled system and DSP card controlled laser galvanometer scanning to achieve high precision and high speed to mark IC chips.
laser marking for IC chips

  4, debugging and trial operation of IC chip laser automatic marking system, optimizing control parameters for different IC chip products, meeting IC chip laser marking accuracy requirements.
  5, Develop laser automatic marking control software, realize friendly operation.
  In summary, laser marking machine is suitable to mark a permanent 0.5mm character and logo on the surface of the IC chip for product identification tracking. Due to the small IC area and high precision of marking(less than 0.05mm).Also, combined with the electromechanical system, realize multi-variety and small-volume IC marking flexible production. we has accumulated rich experience and technical research to achieve IC chips marking.
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