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Laser Marking Machine For Motor Manufacturers

  As a equipment for converting electrical energy into machinery, the motor is widely used in various fields. The rapid development of new energy has driven the  growth of the motor industry,China's motor industry has bright prospects.

  China has gradually become a major motor manufacturing country, and has mastered the production technology of high-efficiency and ultra-efficient energy-saving motors. However, in order to save energy and reduce emissions, energy-saving equipment represented by high-efficiency motors has attracted much attention in the market. In recent years, China has basically kept pace with the international in research and development of high-efficiency motors.

laser marking for motor
  Laser marking machine application

  The laser marking machine is suitable for the identification of electromechanical parts and adapts to the smooth plane etching after processing. The laser marking machine produced by the best China laser marking equipment supplier-OTLASER adopts a unique mechanism design, and the X/Z axis of the optical bench can automatically move left and right to improve work efficiency. Plane batch marking is also applied to the etching of the unmachined surface (rough surface) of the part. Adaptable materials: metal (including: cast iron, cast aluminum), most non-metal (engineering plastics, rubber).

laser marking for motor
  Laser marking machine features

  Good anti-counterfeiting: Due to the complicated manufacturing, special label materials and non-reusability, it is difficult for motor component counterfeiters to estimate the labels, thus effectively protecting the legitimate interests of regular motor component manufacturers and users. no stock: Users can laser mark as needed without any inventory.

  Lower cost: The cost is lower when laser marking tags are used in large quantities for different motors. It is especially suitable for motor manufacturers with many motors, which are resistant to high temperature, wear, corrosion and water.
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