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Laser Marking for Pesticide or Farm Chemicals

  For pesticide products, packaging label is the carrier of pesticide product information. However, the problem of pesticide labeling has a lot of problems: the manufacturer privately exaggerate the objects of prevention and control,effect, highlights the name of the product, weakens the common name.

laser marking for pesticide

  Recently, the regulatory authorities issued the “Administrative Measures on Labels and Instructions for Pesticides”, adding important content of traceable electronic information codes, emphasizing the traceability of pesticides and pesticides to have their own “identity cards”. The traceable electronic information code should be marked in the form of a two-dimensional code, etc., support to scan and identify the name of the pesticide, the name of the manufacturer of the pesticide registration certificate,etc.

  According to the new regulations, the pesticide traceability electronic information code is unique code. This requires more advanced technical way to match the new regulations, and the new technologies for the drugs and food brings supervision convenience, but,the traditional coding method can not meet the large-volume and high-efficiency coding requirements of the pesticide industry, and most pesticide manufacturer do not have a highly integrated production line, and need modify the production line. Laser marking has unparalleled advantages.

  The laser marking machine can easily realize “one thing and one code”. It only needs to be set up on a“operating system”, so that it can accurately, quickly and flexibly realize any marking requirement, even if the working condition is extremely complicated.

laser marking for medical industry

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