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Which parts of phone use laser marking machine

  Life is inseparable from mobile phones,meanwhile,accessories for mobile phones are also inseparable from laser marking. At present, the mobile phone processing industry has widely adopted laser technology, including meeting some customization needs. From a market perspective, it is important to develop a product with clear mark, stable performance, mature, small size, easy maintenance, and high cost performance laser marking machine. Then which parts of the mobile phone use laser marking machine?
  laser marking for phone

  1, Charger and battery products
  The fiber laser marking machine can be used to mark LOGO, product information, etc., including serial number, production date and batch number, barcode, two-dimensional code, and the like.
  2, Hardware decorative film and mobile phone
  The UV laser marking machine can not only mark the LOGO, product information, etc. on the hardware decorative sheet and the outer casing, but also make the fine,drawing effect, etc., and the marked lines are finer and the pattern is more beautiful. In addition, the UV laser marking machine has a higher repetition frequency, which can greatly improve the marking speed.
  3,Mobile phone light button
  The light-transmitting button made of silica gel has high sensitivity to laser power. The pulse sequence of the general water-cooled laser marking machine is unstable, which is easy to cause uneven marking and affect. The laser is adopted, and the pulse controllable technology is added to form a stable pulse sequence, and the light-transmissive color is more uniform.
  mini laser marking machine
  If you have laser marking requirements, you can directly send samples to OTLASER. We mark samples for free. Our laser marking equipment includes fiber laser marking machine, portable laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, UV laser marking machine, barcode QR code marking machine, production date batch number serial number laser marking machine and other laser equipment.
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