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20W Fiber Laser Marking Machine


20W Fiber Laser Marking Machine



Product Description

20W Fiber Laser Marking machine is one of the most advanced laser marking devices in the world at present. Its characteristics are: the use of air-cooled, smaller size, easy installation, maintenance-free, more stable and reliable work, no supplies, low energy consumption, marking more sophisticated and clear and beautiful, in the depth, smoothness, precision requirements of the field has an irreplaceable advantage.

20W Fiber laser marking machine software using Windows interface, compatible with CorelDRAW, AUTOCAD, Photoshop and other software output files. Support PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP and other documents, direct use of shx, TTF font, support automatic coding, serial number, batch, date, barcode and two-dimensional code marking. Powerful, with graphics alignment, Red preview function. Can be labeled with a variety of barcode and graphics code, and has a back-play function, fully meet customer requirements.


1, the laser all fiber structure design guarantees the high reliability of the laser, without any optical elements for collimation adjustment.

2, desktop integration, for a variety of industrial applications to provide an ideal solution.

3, compact, small footprint, easy to transport, easy to carry.

4, computer mainframe system with marking system separate, marking convenient, the equipment components in strict accordance with ISO9001 quality standards.


Apply to the depth, smoothness, high fineness of the field, such as: Clocks, mold industry, bitmap marking, electronic components, electrical products, IT industry, hardware tools products, precision equipment, gifts jewelry, high and low voltage electrical appliances.

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