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CO2 Laser Marking Machine


Product Description


OTLASER co2 laser marking machine has flexible structure, fast speed, high security, high efficiency, high electro-optic conversion efficiency, which is widely used in leather,wood, craft gifts,clothing, packaging industry.


The best CO2 laser engraver machine from Otlaser


Screw guide patent


The laser head moving screw guide of OTLASER laser engraving equipment is fully enclosed, which prevents engraving dust from entering the guide rail and affects its accuracy.


Laser engraving high speed


The engraving speed of the OTLASER CO2 source is 3.55 m/s, and the engraving speed of the fiber source is 2 m/s.


Long tube life


The normal laser tube life is 1500 hours, the OTLASSE CO2 laser tube life is 45,000 hours, and the fiber laser tube life is 100,000 hours.


Safety and environmental protection


The working range of the OTLASER laser marking machine is independent and closed,The colored protective cover prevents the laser source from irritating the eyes,which can effectively prevent radiation, and the irradiance is close to zero. The environmentally-friendly exhaust emission system can discharge the processed exhaust gas and prevent it from polluting.


Professional processing software


The self-developed processing software is configured for different needs. The unique positioning and cutting function allows positioning and cutting according to the external contour.


OTLASER CO2 laser marking types


We have all kinds of carbon dioxide laser marking machines, such as:

  ·80W CO2 laser engraver
  ·100W CO2 laser engraver
  ·120w CO2 laser engraver
  ·130W CO2 laser engraver
  ·3D CO2 laser engraver

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