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  • UV laser marking machines

    UV laser marking machines

  • UV laser marking machines

    UV laser marking machines

  • UV laser marking machines

    UV laser marking machines


UV laser marking machines refer to tools or equipment that use electromagnetic radiation of particular wavelength. A laser that uses ultraviolet radiation typically have wavelengths of between 100 to 400 nanometers. Different wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum have different uses. The uses range from military operations, medical applications to industrial applications. The UV laser applies mostly to industrial applications and medical purposes. 

The UV laser machines are used in industries to make micro-scale applications. They may be used to make engravings on different materials such as stamping, adding signatures or names or engravings trademarks on products. They are also suitable for marking glass material or synthetic products without necessarily changing the chemical composition of these materials.

What to look for while choosing a good UV laser marking machine

  • Wavelength

Different UV machine emit at different wavelengths. The trick is too select a device that has the possibility of multiple wavelengths. For instance, you can choose machine that has the ability to emit both green and blue. Such a machine allows for multiple application without necessarily having to change the equipment.

  • Operational costs and Consumables

Machine with high consumables such as co2 tends to increase operational cost. This will force you to either increase the price of your product or services or lower your profits. Select a machine that does not require a lot of consumable hence saving you the operational costs.

  • Beam properties

Most lasers have what is known as the M2 value. Common lasers have a typical M2 value of 1, 1.2, 1.7 or higher. A laser machine that has a better M2 value produces less linewidths coupled with contours. This results to a higher marking speed hence effective production of your products.

  • Pulse repetition rate

A good laser marking machine will have an adjustable frequency range. The frequency range has a direct impact on the pulse repletion rate which in turn has direct impact on quality of your output.

Applications of UV laser marking machine

These machines have several applications across numerous industries. In the electronics industry, for example, the machine can be used to mark electronic products with traceable codes or serial numbers. The machine is also widely used in the making of circuit boards which are found in many electronics.

In the plastics industry, the UV laser marker can be used to make engravings on plastics without compromising on quality. Cold marking is also a type of UV -induced photoreduction process where there is no heat generated. The UV laser can also be combined with laser-sensitive materials in plastics to boost the general outline of sharpness and contrast, thereby increasing the readability of the markings. 

The machine can also be used in the manufacture of semiconductors. Production of semiconductors requires a robust and precise marking process. This can only be achieved by the use of UV laser marking machines. The machines can produce marking speeds of more than 1000 characters per second with material penetration fewer than 20 micrometres in depth.

The UV laser marker has also been widely used in marking identification documents such as IDs as well as other smart cards, including credit and debit cards. The laser is used in creating tactile marks and inserting different color pigmentation on the cards. Other markings such as photos or texts and barcodes are also done using lasers.

Other uses of the UV laser marker include marking organic materials. If you want to add signatures, company logos on materials such as cardboard, paper or wood, then UV laser is your best shot.


Best quality products- less heat input thereby improving on the quality of the product by reducing damage.

Impeccable accuracy with high-speed production. This is suitable for industrial manufacturing rather than individual needs.

Versatile uses and flexibility thereby lowering the production costs.

We are devoted in ensuring that you get the most out of you UV laser machine. Contact us incase of any enquiries regarding different machines in the market and we will gladly respond. We have all kinds of UV laser machines that are suitable for all your needs. Get in touch with us now and save yourself the time and hustle associated with choosing the right machine for you.