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UV Laser Marking Machine


Product Description


UV laser marking machine with fine spot diameter,has a good marking effect. It is suitable for marking on metal and glass materials.


The UV laser marking machine was developed based on OTLASER's 355nm UV laser with independent intellectual property rights. The 355nm UV focused spot is quite small, and the processing heat zone is minimal,so it is mainly used for ultra-fine marking, special material marking and engraving.


The characteristics of OTLASER UV laser:


1, High precision 355nm end pump UV laser;


2, Small size


3, High reliability, high stability, high security


4, Advanced hardware control technology and intelligent software


5, Low energy consumption, easy maintenance


6, High-precision marking effect


UV laser marking machine application


Ultraviolet laser marking machine is used for fine marking, cutting and micro processing of special materials.such as, glass,liquid crystal screen,textile,semiconductor wafer,thin ceramic, sapphire, IC die, polymer film and other materials. Marking and surface treatment.


Why choose to OTLASER UV laser marking machine?


1, Optical performance advantages


Narrow pulse width, high repetition rate,high peak power, high pulse stability.


2. Design advantages


We have many years of experience in laser development, and the mature technology. The laser uses a unique cavity design, and the internal optical path uses a locking mechanism to ensure good laser attenuation and shock resistance.


3. Process advantages


The UV marking accuracy is below 10μm. Achieve 200 zoom, observe, mark the frame neatly, no explosion point, no thermal deformation,high marking speed.


4. Manufacturing technology advantages


Most of the lasers and power supplies use the best brands. such as, the semiconductor pump module adopts the world-class brand in the laser, the power control chip adopts the American brand, and the switching power supply adopts the Taiwan brand.


OTLASER Global Quality Service Guarantee


Quality Assurance


OTLASER laser engraving manchine manufacturer strictly follows ISO9001 quality system,to ensure the quality of uv laser marking machine,from the initial raw materials storage to leave the factory, the over-inspection inspection, process inspection, final inspection, The production process is strictly controlled to achieve the high quality uv laser maker.


After-sales service


8 hours. After receiving the user's request, the after-sales engineer has a clear reply within 24 hours to slove the problem.


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