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The laser engraving cutting and welding market is growing steadily and becoming more and more in use commercially. The laser welding machine industry has been witness to buyers who want flexibility in options offered by laser welding systems.


Buyers can purchase fully CNC laser welding machines, semi-automatic or manual laser welding machines for welding precious metals and other materials such as stones, alloys, steel, leather, rubber stamps, wood, medical equipment, glass and automotive industry.


Laser welding machines offer low cost engraving and welding solutions to the 2D and 3D laser machinery industry. These high power laser-welding machines are able to provide automated or manual high-speed laser spot and seam welding solutions.


From a single item to bulk work, laser welding machine workstations come in all sizes to assist a small shopkeeper and big industries in providing the laser welding solutions to products in many designs and styles offering durability, abrasion-proof, heat-resistant and long-lasting, indelible work.


Laser welding machines gained popularity from tier 1 manufacturers especially in the automotive space but has since becoming popular in small scale industries equally. For this reason, laser welding machines are sold separately or in combination of laser systems and workstations offering other laser functionalities like cutting, engraving and marking as well.


With the increasing popularity of efficiency and ease of working in laser welding equipment, laser-welding consumables are also available easily and at low cost. Laser welding machine cost typically vary from $1000 to $50,000 for a single unit depending on requirement. The cost of laser welding consumables vary between $3 to $6 per hour of usage.


Any high demand product that needs branding with the help of laser-welding machines can meet this demand easily. If you intend to buy laser-welding machine for industrial use, look for China laser engraving machine manufacturer-OTLASER. These days, 3D laser welding machines are available that offer precision and high quality t a premium-price so one can review those as well.


While welding has traditionally been done using mechanical tools, modern day laser welding machines are taking the workload off humans and offer speed, precision and quality end-result. These machines are fast, capable of making fine designs, handle bulk work with speed and accuracy. Besides, they are also easy to maintain by in-house staff itself.


Small laser welding machines come cheap but equally good performance wise. They are portable and lightweight, hence can be easily moved. These days, fiber laser welding machines are also quite popular.


Laser welding machines cost may range from $5000 to $50,000 depending on the usage and warranty being offered. Packaging and automotive industries are witness to high usage of laser welding machines these days because they generate very little heat, allow access from one side only and welding can be a repetitive process.


Besides packaging and automotive industry, the use of laser welding on metals and glass allows laser-welding techniques to be used for manufacturing of furniture, bath fittings and fabrics used in home furnishings. Industrial laser welding machines might appear to be an expensive purchase, but industries engaged in bulk manufacturing of metals and metal parts benefit from fast and automated features of laser welding machines in the end.


Laser welding machines have revolutionized the market for people working in this industry to offer better results than traditional welding options. It has also offered new job opportunities to workforce in this sector with easy handling and good working environment. Laser welding machines have helped companies produce items precisely, more efficiently and fulfil customer demand with ease. For this reason, demand for laser finished products is steadily rising forcing late adopters to switch to laser welding as well.


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